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Course content, material and schedule

Parent Category: Didattica
Course Content and material:
Recording of lectures will be made available on the teaching portal and linked from the corresponding event in the calendar below.


Introduction to computer networks

Definitions, services, topologies, switching techniques (1x, 2x3x, 1x)

Layered models and the OSI protocol architecture (1x2x3x6x)

Window-based protocols (2x, 3x, 6x)

The lowest layers

Physical layer and access networks (2x, 3x, 6x)

Data-link layer (2x, 3x, 6x)

Local area networks

Basic concepts (2x3x6x)

Protocol standards (1x, 3x)

Interconnection of local area networks (1x, 3x)

Wireless LANs

Internet protocol suite: the network layer 

IPv4: introduction and packet format (color, black&white)

Addressing (color, black&white)

Packet routing (color, black&white)

Service protocols: ARP  and ICMP (color, black&white)

Name resolution and the DNS (color, black&white)

Association of addresses to interfaces (colorblack&white)

  • Static
  • Dynamic through DHCP
  • Automatic

Private addressing and NAT (color, black&white) [chap. 4.4.7 of Kurose's book]

Internet protocol suite: the transport layer 
[chap. 3.2 of Kurose's book]

General transport layer features and User datagram protocol (UDP) (color, black&white) [chap. 3.3 of Kurose's book]

Transport control protocol (TCP) [chap. 3.5 of Kurose's book]

Internet protocol suite: application layer protocols 

Client-server and peer-to-peer architectures (Kurose's slides 7 to 10, also in PDF)

World Wide Web and HTTP (color, black&white) [chap. 2.2 of Kurose's book]

File transfer protocol (FTP) (Kurose's slides 46 to 48, also in PDF) [chap. 2.3 of Kurose's book]

Electronic mail: architecture and protocols (color, black&white) [chap. 2.4 of Kurose's book]

  • SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol)
  • POP (Post Office Protocol)
  • IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol)
  • Web mail
Classroom exercises

Designing an IP addressing plan

Static routing

Lab experiences

Network troubleshooting tools (1x, 3x)

Proposed experiences:

Additional experiences with solutions


The lecture and lab session schedule can be downloaded/linked in null format.